Your Dog Is Not ALWAYS a Reflection of You

Your Dog Is Not ALWAYS a Reflection of You

This is for the person who is ashamed of their dog. The dog they can’t take out in public because it will bark, lunge, snap, and cause a scene. The dog who has been to endless trainers and behaviorists, and while significant improvement has been made, still is not the dog you envy - the one strolling along down the street with their human.

Your dog is not a reflection of how hard you’re trying. You are trying SO hard. And you are allowed to grieve the dog you will never have.

Studies have shown that only 10% of dogs are comfortable around all other dogs and all other humans. 80% are selective, and 10% can’t interact with anything. We see nothing but that social 10% out in public, so we think the number is bigger. But if your dog falls in that 80-90%, YOU are the majority. You are not alone.

Loving the dog we have and not the dog we want is a hard thing. It’s hard to not resent our dog because it isn’t social like others. It’s hard to face the public and not feel like we don’t have a grip on our training. If this is you, I’m sending you a huge hug. I know you’re trying your best and I know your dog was just made this way. I love your dog. They are still worthy of love, they are still worthy of time. And so are you.

xo, A & P

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