How To Make Your Groomer Love You

How To Make Your Groomer Love You

Did you know over 50% of dog breeds need professional grooming or haircut maintenance regularly? Even if your dog doesn't need haircuts, trips to the groomer may be needed for nail trims, gland expressing, or ear cleaning. Grooming is difficult on a dog that is scared and doesn't want to stand still, and a dog who isn't behaving may cause the groomer to upcharge you for the package, or worse - refuse to have you back. Here are some tips to help make the grooming process comfortable for your groomer, your pet, and your wallet:

- Book your new puppy in for a groom within a month of bringing them home. Introductory grooms are very important to make sure the puppy is accustomed to the machinery in a grooming salon, being handled all over their body, and standing for a blow dry or a haircut with sharp scissors. Even if they don't look like they need a bath or a haircut, start them getting used to the salon as soon as you can. 

- Ask your groomer what things you can be doing at home to help your dog become more used to the grooming process. They might ask you to handle your pup's feet more, brush up on obedience, or practice standing on a grooming table. 

- Muzzle train your dog. This can be done with the help of a training professional if needed. Muzzles can be stressful if not introduced properly, and even the most well behaved of dogs may need a muzzle for certain parts of a groom. Remember, a muzzled dog is not a bad dog. It is a safe dog. 

- If your dog is single coated or has long hair, brush it every day. Groomers spend a lot of time brushing out matting or shaving coats they can't save. If you don't have time, ask your groomer about booking your dog in just on a brushing schedule. 

- NEVER shave a double coated dog (dogs that shed.) Double coated dogs may look hot in the summer, but their coats act as insulation in a house does. They keep the dogs warm in the winter and cool in the summer, as it repels heat. Brushing your dog and getting out dead undercoat is the best way to ensure your dog isn't too hot based off their haircut. If your double coated dog has been shaved, the coat will NEVER grow back the same way and your groomer will have a difficult time maintaining a nice completed groom. 

Has your dog ever struggled at the groomer? What have you done to help ease the process for all involved?

xo, A & P

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