First Aid Tips & Tricks

First Aid Tips & Tricks

How many times have you thought about first aid for your pet? Do they have anything in the medical cabinet for their needs? If not, here are some ideas for a simple first aid kit you can build at home for your dog:

Stored in a clean cosmetics travel bag, Phoenix has: 

- his prescriptions

- Duoxo wipes for skin irritation 

- quick stop bleeding powder, excellent for ripped nails 

- vet wrap

- Pepcid (generic famotodine)

- Benedryl (generic diphenhydramine)

- Neosporin WITHOUT pain relief. This is an important component for toxins if ingested

- prescription hot spot spray

- giardia snap fecal tests 

- prescription eye ointment 

We also have ear wash and eye wipes on hand for when his allergies get pretty bad. 

How about the car? If your dog is active like mine and you go on lots of adventures, there's a chance they could get hurt on the go. Kurgo created an excellent dog first aid kit for an affordable price that we purchased and keep in the car. This is more tailored towards major injuries Phoenix could get while hiking or working. It has things like: 

- sting relief 

- ice packs 

- rubber gloves

- foil blanket 

- gauze

- alcohol prep pads

- scissors 

- tweezers 

and more. 

What's in your first aid kit, if you have one? What have you been thankful you had at a moment's notice? Has there been a time when you wished you had first aid and didn't? What is essential in kits for other types of animals? Book a session if you'd like to discuss more what could be useful to have for your pet. I'm always here to chat! 

xo, A & P 

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