5 Tips to Help Your Senior Dog

5 Tips to Help Your Senior Dog

I always say that prevention is the best medicine, which is why my 5 year old dog is already on joint support. However if you have a senior in your life that needs a little extra help, here are some things you can do:

  1. Keep their nails trimmed. Dogs find traction off their nails, not their paw pads. If your dog is struggling to get up, his nails might be too long to grip properly. There are traction products on the market that are also fabulous. I can help you pick a good one.
  2. Joint support is crucial and should be started at 7 years old at the latest. I can help you pick a good brand as well. Also take advantage of the senior blood panel your vet will suggest.
  3. Block off stairs when you aren’t actively using them with your dog. Trips up and down should be as limited as possible. Sometimes a dog will take too many before they realize they could get hurt.
  4. Feed them whatever they want! If your dog is growing picky and doesn’t have a medical condition that requires a certain diet, don’t let them starve. Calories are so important in any form. If your dog struggles with digestive issues, let me help.
  5. Offer potty breaks every half hour. Seriously. Senior dogs don’t realize they have to go until they do - same as puppies. Often times certain medications make older dogs have to go more as well. They will thank you for every opportunity even if it isn’t needed.

Having a dog that’s older is such a heartbreaking thing. I’ve coached many a senior through their last days and it never gets easier. However, I hope these tips can help keep your dog comfortable. I’m here as always for assistance with whatever your pet needs.

xo, A & P

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